NJE Securite provides 24/7 alarm response service to commercial and private facilities. Our reliable, uniformed security officers are available to promptly respond in case of alarm activation, attend the premises on your behalf, deal with any problems that may have occurred from the alarm activation and take the necessary steps to ensure the premise is secure.

Why Are Alarm Services Important?

As a business or property owner, you’ve worked hard over several years to grow your assets and build your business. An investment like this deserves the round-the-clock protection provided by modern alarm security systems with motion detection software. Whether you’re looking for a one-off alarm installation, or our industry leading alarm monitoring service, we’ve got the knowledge and technology to protect your business.

Alarm Installation

NJE Securite Alarm Installation process is quick and hassle-free, ensuring minimal disruption for your business while maximizing your alarm coverage. We have security technology experts located Canada-wide to install your system quickly. 

As part of the installation process, our business alarm installation team will conduct a walk through of your space, advising on the best possible placement for your sensors. During this discussion, we’ll assess for weak points and make expert recommendations on optimal alarm setup. With advanced features such as motion detection and mobile tracking, our alarm systems are a powerful tool in your security arsenal.

The Benefits of Commercial Alarm Installation

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