Mobile Patrols

NJE Securite mobile patrol service offers round-the-clock protection that’s suitable for any business or property. Tailored to match the unique characteristics of your property, our mobile patrol security guards undertake pre-determined routes on a randomized schedule, keeping criminals guessing while providing an effective deterrent to crimes of opportunity. Learn more about one of Blackbird Security’s fastest-growing security services.

Why Are Mobile Patrols Services Important?

Mobile Patrols  is one of NJE Securite most popular services. It ensures maximum coverage on a budget that works for you. Our mobile patrol security guards can be deployed entirely to your wishes, covering a large area in dramatically less time than a static security guard.


NJE security guards use wireless devices to operate in the field and to maintain constant communication with all staff.
Our mobile patrol is supported by constant communication with our 24-hour on-call service centers which allows us to provide reliable service at all times.

Alarm response

When an alarm signal is received, our team is quickly moved to the scene to carry out a verification and an intervention, if necessary. You will be informed as soon as possible of potential problems, and we will remain at your disposal for any assistance required.

Some of the types of properties that typically use our mobile patrols include:

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