Security Guards

NJE Securite provides security personnel who is adequately trained and equipped to perform a wide variety of functions. Our team of security guards, dispatchers, supervisors and patrollers work together to ensure the client’s expectations are being met.

All Security Guards are given specialized training in the areas they work in, unique to the environment they are hired to protect. Once on site, each officer is given detailed training on the specific post procedures.

Our security guards are carefully screened and selected, and evaluated on an ongoing basis. Our Field Supervisors work with our security personnel on a continuing basis to ensure the same high level of service is consistently delivered.

Why Are Security Guards Services Important?

A professional security guard can protect your facility by alleviating several potential risks including vandalism, thefts, and assaults. They can detect suspicious activity and take the necessary solutions before it turns into a severe problem

Our security guards are trained to perform specific tasks which may include:


  • Monitor, watch or protect persons, property or premises
  • Closed circuit TV monitoring
  • Crowd control
  • Parking control
  • Maintain order
  • Carry out monitoring work in order to prevent shoplifting
  • Patrol in a motor vehicle or on foot
  • Ensure safety procedures are followed
  • Access control
  • Detect and prevent theft, fire, and vandalism
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